Making a Difference

All the senior directors of RTP have been on the receiving end of both indifferent and excellent training during our business careers in which we moved from salesmen through to business leaders. We had built effective teams and delivered outstanding results but were unable to make tangible links between these successes and what had been learnt on 'training' courses. Even after courses that stood out in our memory as being excellent, we reflected that very little of the material covered was implemented back in the workplace. When speaking to other successful business leaders we found that these views were commonplace.

Further independent research confirmed that as little as 13% of what is learned in a training or development programme is retained and used after three months.

This got us thinking: training, in isolation, maybe wasn't that effective. Worse than that - our organisations had been investing heavily in training and development that could show no return on investment. We reflected that investment in other areas of business need to be transparent in terms of a return. Why should training of a business's most expensive resource be any different?

So what were the contributors to this lack of effectiveness in linking training to improved performance? Some of the factors were:
  • Lack of commitment from key stakeholders
  • No distinct link between development and real business goals
  • Lack of understanding of how to develop people from line management
  • Little or no commitment from line managers to ongoing support and development
  • A mistaken belief that development simply meant attending a workshop or seminar
  • Lack of belief or cynicism from senior management that training really could make a difference

We decided that this represented an opportunity to make a real difference to organisations across a variety of sectors. We decided to create an organisation that would be judged by its tangible return to the business. This would enable training and development decisions to be made in the same way as other significant business decisions.

We decided to set up RTP, to make a real, guaranteed difference.

So here we are - over 10 years later - doing what we set out to do. And making a difference right now to many businesses' bottom lines.

We now provide powerful and results oriented development and consultancy to organisations in the UK, Europe and the States.

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