1:1 & Team Coaching

You need to engage and motivate a team of people to hit a specific set of long-term objectives and come up with a firm plan of action.

You have a strategic project which you need to gain clarity around and are not sure where to start. You need to think it through, establish priorities and resources and start the ball rolling.

You are effective in your role but seem 'stuck' with one particular area of your communication with others and you need to address this to fulfil your promotion ambitions.

You are so close to the business that it is sometimes difficult to see the bigger picture and focus on your future strategies.

Whether you are a team or an individual it is sometimes difficult to come up with new perspectives and thinking either to address an issue you find yourself with or to come up with a creative approach to a new challenge or opportunity.

RTP provide high-impact coaching and facilitation services that unlock the potential of an individual or a team around a particular issue or opportunity that they face.

Our approach raises self-awareness and responsibility giving rise to new choices and perspectives as well as a compelling action plan. In focusing on an issue or opportunity and following a well-proven approach we find that individuals levels of personal motivation and commitment are raised substantially. They come up with new ideas and commit to an action plan that will bring about results.

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