Coaching skills development

We are all being asked to deliver more with less resource. We live in a complex business environment where our interactions with co-workers, remote workers, clients and virtual teams need to add value and release more of their potential. Often we don't have all of the answers and, even if we did, answering questions limits our ability to grow our business.

Coaching is a powerful way of working with and developing people. It is a core management skill, an effective sales tool and an effective leadership style.

Coaching is less about a set of skills and a process to follow and more about an approach and a way of being that develops people and brings about results.

RTP focuses on developing effective coaches at all levels in a business. In developing their skills as a coach we increase their ability to release potential in themselves and in others. Our programmes focus on self-awareness, responsibility and accountability. Coaching gives people new options and choices and also raises their motivation to succeed.

We will share a powerful coaching framework that has been proven to bring about results. We will develop participants’ skills in the key coaching competencies of listening, questioning and feedback. Above all, our programmes will give participants lots of opportunity to practise coaching with real topics to build their confidence and ability in this important area.

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