Business Mentoring

Imagine how different your organisation would be if you could tap in to your wealth of organisational and personal experience and knowledge and share that in a way that promotes personal responsibility and accountability in the individual. What would the benefits be of using your top performers and role models to develop your next tier of leaders and managers?

More and more organisations are using mentoring to benefit their business in a number of ways:

  • As a way of managing succession planning and career development
  • Reducing churn among management and high-talent individuals
  • Developing networks of influence and breaking down organisational silos

Few organisations, however, really reap the full potential of mentoring. Some believe that mentoring is simply coaching with advice whilst others assume that senior managers will automatically make good mentors and inspire others as well as help them develop.

In truth, great mentoring is actually quite different from coaching although it does share a lot of the same important skills. Whilst questioning and listening are just as important in mentoring as in coaching the focus of mentoring is almost always looking ahead rather than just at current performance and skill levels. There is advice but often not as much as you might at first think. For example, effective mentors often spend 20% or less of the time in their sessions doing the talking. There is often a link with organisational specific issues that benefit from the mentors expert knowledge. These might include issues such as business politics, developing visibility and influence in the right way with the right people and gaining insight of what is required to operate at senior levels.

RTP develop and deliver effective mentoring programmes that match your organisational context and focus on creating a programme that lives within your business, has the ability to be largely self-sustaining and focuses on the self-development of both mentee and mentor. This holistic approach delivers substantial benefits to the business and to all individuals involved including

  • Developing greater effectiveness of individuals in their current role whilst preparing them for future progression
  • Promote good practice within the specific organisational leadership and management context for both mentor and mentee

For any business where good talent needs to be retained and developed, mentoring is a key component. Our programmes address the needs of both mentor and mentee and help establish the process, skills and self-awareness required for mentoring to be successful.

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