We negotiate every day with our colleagues and managers, as well as our clients and suppliers. You cannot not negotiate, it is a way of life for the majority of us. It is tough to get through any day without negotiating about something and yet it is surprising how few people take the time to improve these powerful skills that ensure mutual success in tough business environments.

We at RTP cut through the jargon that sometimes surrounds negotiation and deliver programmes that are pragmatic, packed with real life case studies and aligned to the specific requirements of any commercial organisation.

Participants (senior executives, lawyers, sales professionals) return to their roles more confident about what they need to do to adapt their own styles as well as have a real handle on the key principles and behaviours required for win-win collaborative negotiation.

We have been working successfully with law firms, (including several from the magic circle) for over 10 years now working with both lawyers and business services. In addition we have worked with the second largest catering organisation in Europe, as well as management consultancies and engineering firms. Clients who have asked us to deliver negotiation skills programmes include Linklaters, Cameron McKenna, Delbanco, Sodexo and Baker & McKenzie.

They keep on hiring us because we make the training come alive, follow up to ensure behavioural change and ensure that there is an accurate link between what is taught in the classroom and what happens around the negotiation table.

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