Presenting and Conference Speaking

A presentation is an opportunity (and sometimes the only opportunity) to influence, persuade and gain buy-in from colleagues, prospects and clients alike as well as to sell yourself!

Your ability to present with confidence and credibility and to deliver an engaging, informative and well-structured presentation is a key/core skill.

RTP focuses on developing awareness and confidence in presenting and conference speaking through foundation and advanced programmes that provide not just powerful tools and techniques but lots of opportunities for practice and feedback.

We have modelled outstanding presenters in business. Imagine the difference it can make if you and your team present with the confidence, enthusiasm and passion of the very best communicators!

We will share with you both the key principles and foundation skills of presenting and conference speaking, as well as a range of specific, persuasion techniques that really make the difference in motivating and engaging the audience. The chance to practise these skills and get objective careful and constructive feedback has led to a transformation in both confidence and skills for many thousands of business people, from salesmen to board members.

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