All of our sales training is now delivered through our sales training arm, Brilliant Selling

Sales is of critical importance to all organisations but we know for a fact that only 13% of what a sales person is taught on a training course is remembered by them three months later. Often much less than that is implemented in the field meaning that sales training investments often fail to develop skills and abilities.

Effective sales has three main components: the processes and activities that sales people follow and engage with, their specific skills and knowledge and, most importantly, their beliefs, assumptions and motivations.

We work with sales people, account managers, pre-sales resources and sales managers on all elements of sales performance. From programmes that focus on specific issues such as using the telephone as an effective selling tool, through to developing understanding and abilities around the sales process and core skills such as questioning, listening, influence and persuasion we focus on developing behaviour change that deliver results.

We know that self-awareness is the first step to improved results. Our programmes focus on raising participants awareness and challenging them to use the new tools and techniques that we provide. Substantial improvements in performance are possible through relatively small changes in a sales persons behaviour. We help identify the changes required and challenge the participants to take full responsibility for implementing a targeted action plan for success.

We have a specific focus on the role of the sales manager and how they can develop the performance of their people. Often, sales managers are promoted because they were high-performing sales performers themselves. For the Company to benefit from their experience they need to develop sales managers from 'super sales people' into a coaching and development resource that grows their teams abilities and skills.

We have written a sales book called ‘Brilliant Selling: what the best salespeople know, say and do’. It is currently Europe‚Äôs top selling sales book, and is available on 4 continents and has been translated into 9 different languages. The US version was awarded the Axiom Business Book Gold Medal in 2014 in the Sales Book category.

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