Our ability to deliver measurable results is linked to the methodology that we use. Developed from our experience and refined to ensure repeatability the EMBED™ methodology underpins all stages of our engagement with a client. It provides a framework for our partnership to develop and deliver results and a return on your investment

EMBED™ enables us to form a structured Performance Partnership with you that has the following components:

  • Engage with you and develop a Performance Partnership
  • Map your expectations
  • Begin your learning process
  • Establish change in your organisation
  • Deliver sustainable results

This fulfils the following:

  • Challenges your assumptions to ensure clarity about what needs to change to deliver performance improvement
  • Involves and engages all stakeholders to build mutual responsibility
  • Agrees expectations, deliverables and specific measures for success
  • Agrees responsibilities for us and for you as our client partner to ensure success of the programme (Service Level Agreement)
  • A structure for the programme / delivery that includes the elements of post-programme follow-up to ensure long-term behaviour change
  • Enables us to create a report that illustrates the results of the programme with specific examples of performance improvement.

Each step of the EMBED™ methodology incorporates specific deliverables - contact us for more details on how EMBED™ can bring you results.